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The History of Bingo

The word bingo, referring to the lottery,  has been around since 1776. But the game may be a source of Italian in “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia” in 1530. Until the 18th century the Italian game spread to France and infiltrated into the adult, card games and tokens worlds. In the 19th century, bingo widely used in Germany for educational purposes, and it was used as a tool for learning the names of animals and memorizing multiplication tables numbers.

In 1929, a traveling carnival near Atlanta in the United States played the game Beano. Using dry beans, a rubber stamp and a sheet of cardboard. “Edwin Lau”, watching the game, noted a high level of involvement and the high interest in games and decided to take it to New York. He presented it to his friends –  who loved the game. During one of the games one of his players won, shouting “Bingo” (instead Biano) with joy, and so began the initial use of the name.